Dear Classmates,

While it may seem like just yesterday, it has been nearly 50 years since we walked to the podium to receive our diplomas, and been awhile since we last met the very people that were part of our story.  

Since graduation, we have all done a lot of living and we would like to get some information from you so we can share your thoughts with everyone.  The answers you provide will be used to create a memory book for our class.  The memory book will be a collaborative effort that promises to be fun and engaging.  Our hope in creating it is that you will want to look through it for years to come.  

Once completed, the memory book will be available for purchase and you will be able to view the final version by clicking on a link which we will provide when it's ready.  

Your information will be used in the memory book so do not put anything in the answers that you are not comfortable with.  The Reunion book will be available online and anyone can purchase it.  

We will also be taking lots of photos at the please be preparred to say...CHEESE!

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1)   If you were asked to summarize your life story in 5 words...what 5 words would describe your life?